Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions
 An NSF National INCLUDES Alliance

Vision:  By 2030, Hispanics will represent 20% or more of those who earn credentials* in computing. *Credentials are defined as degrees and certifications that lead to gainful employment and advancement in the field.
Mission: Grow and sustain a Networked Community committed to recruiting, retaining, and accelerating the progress of Hispanics in computing.

In preparing Hispanic students
with the technical qualifications
and real-world experiences.

We Believe:

In growing a geographically
dispersed network of partners
to achieve lasting results.

We Believe:

That inclusiveness must
accompany diversity.

We Believe:

CAHSI Video receives
NSF National INCLUDES Alliance
Facilitators’ Choice Recognition
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CAHSI stands in solidarity with Black in Computing
and their call to action for equity and fairness.

Advancing Hispanics in Computing