CAHSI Dashboard

The CAHSI INCLUDES Alliance uses the collective impact framework to grow and sustain a networked community committed to recruiting and retaining Hispanics in computing fields. Using a common data set among the community is one of the significant aspects of the collective impact model. The CAHSI INCLUDES Alliance Data Management (DM) team has conceptualized a Data Dashboard to develop shared data management practices and measure the progress of collective efforts. The Data Dashboard will serve as a “meter” for institutions to monitor the progress towards our 2030 vision. Our dashboard meters contain the following information: (1) departmental enrollment data, (2) Broadening Participation – participation data that CAHSI has reached and documented through the CAHSI Engage tool, (3) Research & Success – participation data for Local REU initiatives, (4) Degree completion, and (5) CAHSI parity. Select a category below to explore related data.