CAHSI Advocates

The CAHSI Student Advocates program engages student leaders to serve as advocates in support of student success through promotive interactions and dissemination of CAHSI practices and activities. The program creates a virtual network of student leaders fostering community building. The CAHSI Student Advocate serves as a student connector at their respective institution through face-to-face interactions with peers, dissemination of student opportunities via social media and email, workshop support, collaborations with student organizations, student engagement strategies, professional development support, and on-campus corporate recruitment promotion.  At a regional level, the CAHSI Backbone, with assistance from advanced students from the region, prepares and advises the advocates as a regional collective. At a national level, the Advocates work together virtually to find new ways to connect the student community. At the same time, these student leaders learn from each other and find ways to share good practices across regions. Professional development support for the student advocates includes training on a yearly basis during the GMiS Conference, virtual bi-weekly video calls for team planning, and soft skills development via team projects. This initiative positions CAHSI Advocates as student role models, unraveling new ways for community building and collaboration at a distance.

You must be a student pursuing a degree in a computing field at one of the CAHSI Institutions. Questions about the CAHSI Advocates program should be directed to