Support Our Efforts

We are living in a time when extending your hand to help someone else is so critical. The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly impacted brown and black communities. The students that we serve continue to strive for success in spite of the disparities that have been exposed during these challenging times. CAHSI has embodied the core value of supporting minoritized students.  We provide them various opportunities to persist in their educational and career paths and reach their potential. Your contributions will be used to cover initiatives that support our students in completing their education, engaging in critical experiences that build their competencies and capabilities, and enabling their overall success.  Such initiatives include sponsorship of CAHSI Student Scholars, CAHSI Student Advocates, scholarships/fellowships, student travel, Great Minds in STEM sessions, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs), and CAHSI signature practices.

Donations can also be achieved through collaborative activities.  Such activities include:

  • Collaboration in research and education efforts (e.g., Cybersecurity, Data Analytics)
  • Development of a CAHSI Community of Practice
  • Webinars, workshops, or professional development opportunities that build students’ computing competencies and capabilities
  • Mentoring for students and faculty
  • Hands-on experiences in industry (e.g., internships, hackathons)
  • Research experiences

 For more information on how you can support our efforts, visit Our Network tab and email us to share your interests at