Yutian Chen

Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Yutian Chen got her Ph. D. degree in Economics from the State University of New York, Stony Brook in 2007. She is now a full professor at the Economics department of California State University, Long Beach. 

Mrs. Chen conducted research on the fields of Game Theory, Human-Centered Computing, and Industrial Organization. Her expertise is to apply game theory to address strategic aspects when players interact with each other in the environment. Currently, Mrs. Chen’s research interests focus on efficiency and learning in sensor network. Her research considers a truthful and optimal resource allocation framework for emerging base station- less sensor networks. As such networks are deployed in challenging environments without data-collecting base station (e.g., underwater exploration), the paramount task is to preserve large amounts of generated data inside the networks before uploading opportunities become available. In a distributed setting and under different control, however, the sensor nodes with limited resources (i.e., energy power and storage spaces) could behave selfishly in order to save their own resources and maximize their own benefits. Mrs. Chen’s research intends to first, design a mechanism to guarantee a truthful and efficient data preservation among selfish sensor nodes; second, look for a learning mechanism which gives convergence to the Nash equilibrium with multiple nodes. Her research has been published in conferences including GameNets, ICC, SUTC. 


  • Game Theory 
  • Reinforcement Learning 
  • Sensor Network 
  • Supply Chain