Yulia Kumar

Lecturer II, Kean University

Dr. Kumar has been a Lecturer at Kean University (Union, NJ) since 2019. She is a Kean University Alumni, having her BS in Computer Science and MS in Computer Information Systems (with Distinction) from this Institution. The courses she teachs include Client and Server-side Web Programming, Software Development with Frameworks, and Data Structures. Previously she taught Fundamentals of Computer Science and Computer Programming (OOP in Java). Dr. Kumar began her teaching career at the college level in 2002 when she became a Doctorate, she obtained her PhD in Finance in 2007. Since obtaining her degree she was back and forth between the industry and academia making sure that her skills are sharp and up to date. Her current research interests include AI, in particular Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, recommender systems and transformers, she is also interested in the areas of HCI and work on a variety of topics related to CS education.


  • AI
  • Web Programming