Son Tran

Professor, New Mexico State University

Son Tran is currently a Professor in the CS department at NMSU. His research has been focused on logic-based AI in automated planning, diagnosis, commonsense reasoning, multi-agent systems, and the development of practical applications using answer set programming such as distributed constraint optimization, multi-agent path findings, automated negotiation, and web-service composition. He led the development of several state-of-the-art planning systems for agents with incomplete information and is currently leading the effort to create an epistemic planner for multiple agents. In recent years, he is interested in explainable planning, generating explanations for planning failure, and the development of reasoning framework for trustworthiness of CPS systems. He has published several research papers in premier conferences in AI. His research has been supported by NSF, DoE, and NASA.  



  • Multi-Agent System
  • Automated Planning
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Logic Programming
  • Reasoning About Beliefs and Knowledge