Qian Lou

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida

Dr. Qian Lou possesses expertise in privacy-enhancing techniques, e.g., Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), privacy-preserving machine learning, and efficient deep learning systems, attesting to his knowledge and skills in these specialized fields. His research has had a significant impact on the product design of real-world privacy-preserving machine learning as a service. For example, his work on FHE and privacy-preserving machine learning have pioneered and advanced the co-design of FHE schemes, machine learning algorithms, and computer hardware. In particular, Lou was the inventor of SAFENet systems that have influenced Samsung's Bixby secure intelligent systems on privacy-sensitive data. Additionally, his research in FHE accelerators has influenced the follow-up research and products in efficient FHE systems. Also, his research in efficient deep learning systems had an impact on lightweight deep learning research and Samsung's galaxy s22 ultra camera design. 


  • Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Reliability