Kaveh Abhari

Professor, San Diego State University

Dr. Kaveh Abhari's research is dedicated to leading the way in humane digital transformation. He zeroes in on responsibly weaving artificial intelligence (AI) into the fabric of our work lives, aiming to shape a brighter future of work. What sets his work apart is his inventive design of intelligent platforms for employee experience management. These platforms revolutionize workplaces by offering smart career crafting and tailored career coaching using advanced sentiment analysis. Dr. Abhari envisions transforming enterprise platforms into vibrant ecosystems that not only respect human dignity but also ignite drive and creativity. This transformation leads to enriched work experiences and nurtures both personal growth and professional fulfillment. Rooted in his earlier research into the core of innovation democratization, his work spans entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial domains, as well as federally funded projects in inclusive education. He has developed novel theories and models in open innovation (e.g., Social Product Development) and open education (e.g., Authentic Solical Learning), which are applied in varied contexts. These endeavors underscore his commitment to making digital innovation universally accessible, equitable, and inclusive.


  • Digital Transformation
  • Future of Work
  • Employee Experience
  • Digital Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Inclusive Education