Janki Bhimani

Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Janki Bhimani is an eminent figure shaping the landscape of technology and research. Her primary focus encompasses Emerging Memories, Flash-Based Storage Systems, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, High-Performance Computing, and Parallel and Distributed Computing. She delves into Performance Modeling, Resource Management, and Capacity Planning across interdisciplinary domains. With unmatched expertise and experience in new memory and storage devices, she leaves an indelible mark on the data storage management community. Honored with accolades like FIU Top Scholar, KFSCIS Excellence in Applied Research, and Distinguished Reviewer Award, her contributions are a testament to her impact. Best Paper Awards and publications in highly selective conferences and high impact journals underscore her influence. A trailblazer in innovation, she is a lead inventor on many top-grade patents. Hand-in-hand with her research, she is very passionate about teaching and mentoring. Prior to joining at Florida International University, she previously served Northeastern University as an instructor. She also closely worked with research scientists at Samsung Semiconductor Research Labs towards evolving flash-based SSDs. In her free time, Janki is a creative visual artist. Far from home, amidst nature, she finds her inspiration to paint. She enjoys bringing motivation, healing, and encouragement through the canvas.


  • System Architecture
  • Memory Management
  • Flash-Based Storage Systems
  • Optimization
  • Modeling
  • Resource Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Capacity Planning
  • High-Performance Storage and Computing
  • Emerging Non-Volatile Memories