Edwin Florez

Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Dr. Edwin Florez, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, has established a diverse research profile spanning graph theory, compressive sensing in wireless networks, high-performance computing (HPC), programming languages, mathematical competition problem-solving, and computational thinking. His primary focus lies in the exploration of graphs with tournament matrices, contributing to our understanding of their structural properties and applications. In the realm of applied mathematics, he has made significant strides in compressive sensing, particularly within wireless networks, addressing challenges in signal acquisition and reconstruction. Dr. Florez has also been actively involved in HPC research, optimizing computational processes and algorithms. His work extends to programming languages, exploring their applications in mathematical problem-solving. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in promoting problem-solving skills in mathematical competitions and has contributed to the development of online assignment delivery systems like WeBWorK, enhancing the landscape of online mathematics education. Overall, Dr. Florez's research reflects a commitment to advancing theoretical understanding and practical applications within mathematical sciences while fostering innovation in mathematical problem-solving and education.


  • Graph Theory, Compressive Sensing
  • Wireless Networks
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Programming Languages
  • Mathematical Competition Problem-Solving
  • Computational Thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence