Bin Hu

Assistant Professor, Kean University

Bin Hu is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Technology Department at Kean University. His research interests include mobile computing and sensing, cybersecurity and privacy, and Efficient Deep Learning. In the area of mobile and pervasive computing, his work is to enable new ways of human-computer interaction (HCI) in daily life by exploiting various sensing modalities in wireless devices. My research focuses on innovative fine-grained finger-level gesture recognition leveraging low-cost sensors. In the cyber security and privacy area, Dr. Hu explored new techniques that can authenticate people by leveraging human-unique physiological respiratory biometrics. He also proposed the TEE-based approach, an interdisciplinary research work that spans the deep learning optimization for its deployments on resource-constraint mobile devices. In the area of network transmission algorithm and robotics area, he developed a multi-nodes-based emergency rescue system used for undermining disaster, which utilizes a dedicated designed robot rescue system with a novel automatic WIFI node launch device for rescuing lives.


  • Mobile Computing and Sensing
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Efficient Deep Learning