Amin Kharraz

Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Dr. Amin Kharraz is an assistant professor of computer science and the director of Systems Security Lab (SecLab) at Florida International University. His research focuses on building systems to facilitate a data-driven approach to systems security problems such as evasive code, malware, and web attacks. His research applies empirical methods to rigorously analyze emerging threats and facilitate developing platforms to discover and mitigate these attacks in a scalable and reliable manner. His research seeks to create solutions to evaluate the security implications of emerging technologies, identify associated threats, and improve defenders’ agility in responding to those threats in a timely fashion. The problems that he tackles often involve the intersection of societal, technical, and economic aspects of cybersecurity. His work on ransomware, online scams, and cryptojacking has helped to develop techniques to protect users from important security problems and guide the design of new defense systems. The Systems Security Lab has been the first home of underrepresented students who planned to start their career in systems security research. Over the last two years, Dr. Kharraz has supervised 12 students from underrepresented populations at both graduate and undergraduate levels.


  • Systems
  • Security
  • Malicious Code
  • Web Security