CAHSI-Google Institutional Research Program

2023 – 2024

Artificial Intelligence
Building Robust Large Language Models through Bootstrapping: Using Large Language Models to Improve Their Own Robustness

Shiyu Chang (PI), University of California, Santa Barbara
Thanos Panagopoulos (co-PI), California State University, Fresno

Optimizing Distributed Training for Large and Noisy Data
Balajee Vamanan (PI), University of Illinois, Chicago
Yulia Kumar (co-PI), Kean University

Towards Robot Understanding: Embodying Causal Graphical Models into Robotics
William Beksi (PI), The University of Texas at Arlington
Dongchul Kim (co-PI), The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Weakly Supervised Image Segmentation Based on Image-level Labels
Kuan Huang (PI), Kean University
Cihang Xie (co-PI), University of California, Santa Cruz


Circles of Trust: A Voice-Based Authorization Scheme for Securing IoT Smart Homes

Carlos Rubio-Medrano (PI), Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Dvijesh Shastri (co-PI), University of Houston, Downtown

Establishing Trust and Resiliency in Industrial Cyber Physical Systems
Deepak Tosh (PI), The University of Texas at El Paso
Christian Servin (co-PI), El Paso Community College

Fuzzing the Physical World to Identify Environmental Threats to AI-Based Autonomous Systems
Alvaro Cardenas (PI), University of California, Santa Cruz
Younghee Park (co-PI), San Jose State University


Data Science
Efficient Algorithms for Representative Query Results

Stavros Sintos (PI), University of Illinois, Chicago
Matin Pirouz (co-PI), California State University, Fresno

SUDeC: A Scalable Framework for User-defined Spatial Clustering Queries on S2 Spherical Coordinate System
Amr Magdy (PI), University of California, Riverside
Hajar Homayouni (co-PI), San Diego State University


Responsible Artificial Intelligence
A Unified Framework of Fairness-aware Optimization through Randomization

Jing Yuan (PI), The University of North Texas
Jiayin Wang (co-PI), Montclair State University