Participate in Research, Professional, and Co-Curricular Experiences

There are a multitude of opportunities specifically designed for college students in computing to explore intellectual pursuits and grow professionally.  Whether you engage with your peers and faculty at your institution, participate in efforts at the national level, or serve as a leader within the CAHSI alliance, we encourage you to explore options, get involved, and stay connected.  See the Our Efforts page to learn more about the application process for student-foucsed CAHSI programs and the financial award associated with participation! 

For many students in computing fields, summer or semester internships can provide an opportunity to grow in a technical subject, experience work in a professional setting, and network with a broader community.  This resource by a former CAHSI Student Scholar who now works in industry is a good primer in learning how to identify and secure an internship: Getting Your First Software Engineer Internship/Job by CAHSI Scholar Alejandro Davila.

CAHSI leadership programs provide a unique way for students to serve as learners and leaders within the CAHSI ecosystem.  The CAHSI Student Leadership Program and the CAHSI Advocates Program empowers students to advance student success among their peers through sharing of experiences and opportunities, collaborative planning, and targeted outreach.  CAHSI Scholars are selected through a competitive process with awardees announced at the GMiS Conference every fall while Student Advocates are selected by their local CAHSI leadership and serve during the fall and/or spring semester.        

CAHSI also organizes meaningful research opportunities for students at CAHSI institutions to develop solutions to real-world problems, without the need to relocate.  In the Local Research Experiences for Undergraduates (LREU) Program, CAHSI faculty members and CAHSI students are paired to work on a directed research project over the course of 10-14 weeks.  This enables a larger community of students to participate and move towards graduate study.  No prior research experience is required.     

Participation in conferences and summits offers another way to grow professionally, expand your network, and in some instances, present research.  Every fall, CAHSI brings a contingent of students, faculty, and staff to the national Great Minds in STEM conference where a variety of sessions (Hackathon, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, etc.) are presented by CAHSI leads.  Other conferences like the Grace Hopper Conference specifically focus on engaging women and non-binary individuals.    

 Participation in student clubs and organizations present students opportunities to be part of a larger community, learn and partake in focused opportunities, and grow social/professional networks.  There are CAHSI-run student clubs as well as Coding Clubs that started as a result of the CAHSI-Google partnership.  In a few instances, there is dedicated space on campus for students to meet with each other and CAHSI leadership.  To learn more about how to access these opportunities at your CAHSI institution, reach out to your local CAHSI leader such as your CAHSI faculty representative or your institution’s CAHSI Student Advocate.  Find those leaders here.  

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