CAHSI has Established Regional Networks that focus on localized interventions for change.

CAHSI operates as a network of networks with regional Networks that include states with high concentrations of Hispanics. Each Regional Network is steered by a Regional Lead who links people with resources and opportunities and works with a Regional Connector who provides on-the-ground support and takes on responsibility for the well-being of their community. Given the significant geographical range of the Regional Networks, each Network has co-Leads who facilitate sub-networks with guidance from the Regional Lead. For example, the Regional Lead for the West Regional Network oversees the entire state of California and represents Southern California. Co-Leads in Northern California represent the San Francisco Bay area and San Joaquin Valley. Coordinators support the co-Leads.



Lead: Mohsen Beheshti, CSU-DH
Co-Lead: Ilmi Yoon, CSU-SF
Co-Lead: Chris Kello, UC-Merced



Lead: Enrico Pontelli, NMSU
Co-Lead: Dvijesh Shastri, UH-D
Co-Lead: Scott King, TAMU-CC
Co-Lead: Daniel Barajas, MCCCD



Lead: Patricia Morreale, KEAN
Co-Lead: Graciela Perera, NEIU



Lead: Nayda Santiago, UPR-M
Co-Lead: Malek Adjouadi, FIU

CAHSI Cultivates Partnerships to advance its goals.

CAHSI has been successful in identifying and securing partners that have elevated its ability to improve the landscape of computing for Hispanics, further advancing CAHSI’s mission. Using a collective-impact model, the leadership maintains high engagement at local, regional, and national levels in order to continue to on-ramp new institutions, alliances, non-governmental organizations, and partners.


CAHSI Institutions


Accelerate change by Partnering in CAHSI Efforts to recruit, retain, and advance Hispanics in computing.


CAHSI Member

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) commit to CAHSI’s shared vision and measures, participate for a year, and sign a Memorandum of Understanding.


Strategic Partners

Individuals, non-profits, industry, educational agencies and institutions, and governmental agencies commit resources to support our shared vision, e.g., funding, personnel, services, or facilities.



Individuals, non-profits, industry, educational agencies, institutions, and governmental agencies that affiliate with CAHSI by supporting our shared vision through efforts.