The CAHSI INCLUDES Alliance uses the collective impact framework to grow and sustain a networked community committed to recruiting and retaining Hispanics in computing fields. Using a common data set among the community is one of the significant aspects of the collective impact model. The CAHSI INCLUDES Alliance Data Management (DM) team has conceptualized a Data Dashboard to develop shared data management practices and measure the progress of collective efforts. The Data Dashboard will serve as a “meter” for institutions to monitor the progress towards our 2030 vision. Our dashboard meters contain the following information: (1) departmental enrollment data, (2) Broadening Participation – participation data that CAHSI has reached and documented through the CAHSI Engage tool, (3) Research & Success – participation data for Local REU initiatives, (4) Degree completion, and (5) CAHSI parity. Select a category below to explore related data.


Our Measures

The CAHSI INCLUDES Backbone has mobilized a data management (DM) team, an external evaluation team, and a research team to monitor progress and continue creating and disseminating new knowledge about Latinx success in computing through systematic change. These three teams are closely interrelated as they have a common goal which is to understand progress and inform CAHSI INCLUDES how to accomplish our vision and goals. Each team conducts distinctive roles by presenting different approaches, goals, and audiences in order to provide a critical information for CAHSI INCLUDES from diverse and comprehensive perspectives. The table below provides details.

Alliance Team
Infrastructure Emphasis
Primary Purpose Target Audience
Data Management Goals and Metrics for mutually reinforcing activities Continuous improvement – tracking institutional outcomes (e.g., enrollment, degree completion, participants); developing a data-use mindset and supporting data-use practices proactively among stakeholders CAHSI institutions, funders, industry partners
Evaluation Partnerships, Leadership and Communication, Expansion, Sustainability, and Scale Continuous improvement—network (i.e., collective impact) and programmatic levels; distilling best practices from observational /interview/survey data; CAHSI institutions, Science communities of practice, Collaborative Infrastructure researchers/evaluators
Research Vision, Expansion, Sustainability, and Scale More generalizable and adaptable knowledge creation about organizational behavior in higher education; administrative and policy emphasis within institutions and departments Organizational and science scholars in higher education, institutional administrators and practitioners (CAHSI, HSIs and non-HSIs), Policymakers, Public