Society of Women Engineers General Position Statement on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education and the Need for a U.S. Technologically-Literate Workforce

This document is an educational position statement of the Society of Women Engineers calling for a renewed focus on training and recruiting the future’s technological workforce, especially women and ethnic […]

Report of the Academic Competitiveness Council

This 87 page report from the American Competiveness Council summarizes one year of work to assess successes among different government organizations’ efforts to improve STEM education in the U.S. The […]

Wanted: More Hispanics in STEM fields: New initiatives aim to inspire Latinos to pursue science and technology careers

In what is becoming a national trend, leading businesses and education groups are launching new initiatives aimed at increasing the number of minorities–and Hispanics in particular–in science, technology, engineering, and […]

STEM Professions: Opportunities and Challenges for Latinos in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – A Review of Literature

This report presents existing literature regarding Latino participation in STEM-related fields. It describes trends in degree attainment and employment levels for these fields, and describes various obstacles and opportunities that […]

In Pursuit of a Diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Workforce: Recommended Research Priorities to Enhance Participation by Under-Represented Minorities

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the National Science Foundation Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs presents the results of a study group meeting in […]

Computer Use, Parental Expectations Latino Academic Achievement

This report presents a quantitative study that examines the factors responsible for Hispanic or Latino student achievement relative to that of comparison groups. The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) examines […]

Latinos and Information Technology: The Promise and the Challenge

The findings of this report are organized into three broad and interrelated topics. The first refers to issues of access to Information Technology in Latino communities, including the basic understanding […]

Latinos in STEM Professions: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities for Next Steps – A Qualitative Study using Stakeholder Interviews

This study reports on interviews with key stakeholders who describe barriers and challenges and recommend effective strategies to increase Latino participation in the professions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics […]

An Investigation of Computational Holistic Evaluation of Admissions Applications for a Minority Focused STEM Research Program

Abstract: Most recently, many higher education institutions have continued to struggle to answer the question of whether they should promote diversity as a central value of the university or protect […]

A Matter of Trust – 2008 Public Agenda Report, IBM

This report presents ten key insights from in-depth opinion surveys on attitudes about education among Hispanic parents, students and young adults. The surveys examines how Hispanic parents rate their local […]