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CAHSI Core Purpose

The core purpose of CAHSI is to create a unified voice in an effort to consolidate the strengths, resources, and concerns of CAHSI institutions that are committed to increase the number of Hispanics who pursue and complete baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing areas. The core purpose provides the fundamental reason for the Alliance’s existence while guiding and inspiring the organization. By working as a focused, unified group, CAHSI efforts have been deliberate and effective. CAHSI’s organization, intervention efforts, and data reported in this proposal confirm this statement.

Although CAHSI’s focus is on Hispanic students and faculty, CAHSI is inclusive and our infrastructure and programs impact a broader community. Our programs reach students, faculty and administrators primarily at undergraduate and graduate levels with additional programs that target community college and K-12.

For more information please contact: Claudia Casas, CAHSI Program Manager.


  • To increase the number of students who enter the computing workforce with advanced degrees.
  • To support the retention and advancement of Hispanics in computing.
  • To develop and sustain competitive academic and research programs.

Joining CAHSI requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Please review the membership options listed below to help you identify the best option for you.

Institutional Membership

  • Charter – institutions who commit to our core purpose, adopt best practices, have training capabilities, have documented proven impact, and have signed the “Consortium Agreement” with signatures from the President/Chancellor and below
  • Associate – institutions that are committed to our core purpose, are adopting best practices initiatives, are tracking the impact, and are involved in training through an MOU with the chair and dean
  • Affiliate – institutions and organizations that support our core purpose and contribute to CAHSI through an MOU.

Individual Members

Become affiliated with CAHSI by supporting our core purpose and by becoming any of the following:

  • Adopter of CAHSI best practices
  • Trainer
  • Advocate/ambassador
  • Benefactor