Wei Jin

Associate Professor, University of North Texas

Dr. Wei Jin is currently an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas. Her research primarily focuses on text mining and knowledge discovery, information retrieval and extraction, and Web mining and social network analysis. It is understood that textual information is growing at an astounding pace, creating an enormous challenge for analysts trying to discover valuable information that is buried within. For example, new non-trivial trends, patterns, and associations among entities of interest, such as associations between genes, proteins and diseases, and the connections between different places or the commonalities of people, are such forms of underlying knowledge. Her research is focused on exploring automated solutions for sifting through these extensive document collections to detect interesting links and hidden information that connect facts, propositions or hypotheses. The proposed techniques have been applied to various domains, such as homeland security, aviation safety, and biomedical and healthcare informatics. 


  • Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Information Retrieval and Extraction