Ting Xiao

Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Dr. Ting Xiao is an Assistant Professor of Data Science at the Department of Information Science, with a joint appointment with Computer Science and Engineering. As the lead PI of the NSF REU program "Knowledge Beyond Language with Vector Embeddings", Dr. Xiao stands out with her innovative contributions to AI research and education. In her dual role as the UNT liaison to AI4ALL and co-coordinator of the UNT AI/CS Summer Research Program, Dr. Xiao cultivates a diverse and collaborative research environment, inspiring a new generation of students. Dr. Xiao’s research leverages statistical and machine (deep) learning tools to extract meaningful information from large data sets including recent projects processing video, audio, and wearable sensors. Her deep learning approaches focus on distilling high-throughput data using a combination of unsupervised (e.g. autoencoders) and supervised (e.g. transfer learning) dimensionality reduction techniques. To fully utilize these results, she also creates the interfaces to interpret and visualize the resulting information. She specializes in developing models and software used by clinical collaborators with user testing, feedback, and the subsequent impact on human decision-making all as part of the approach.


  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Vector Embeddings
  • Clinical Application