Sara Mendoza

Coordinator, West Region Junior Specialist II, University of California, Merced

Sara Mendoza, CAHSI coordinator at UC Merced, graduated UC Merced with a degree in Cognitive and Information Sciences. As an undergraduate at UC Merced, she worked in a research lab for three years as a data collection coordinator. Being a Latina herself, she understands and values the work being done regarding diversity and the representation of Hispanics in STEM.  Along with CAHSI, Sara works with the Graduate Division on two other grants that aim to aid underrepresented minority students to excel in academia and in the workforce.

CAHSI Efforts

UC Merced working to establish a more prominent CAHSI presence on campus and improve the sense of the CAHSI community among students and faculty alike. The schools overall population includes over 50% undergraduate Hispanics and over 70% first generation students, and providing an inviting community to these students will provide them with a safe space to succeed. UC Merced is also working closely with partnered institutions to collect data on computer science students regarding retention and time to degree.

Successful practices of UC Merced include the following:

  • Peer Tutoring Program
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC)
  • STEM Resources Center
  • Center for Career & Professional Advancement



  • Events
  • Project Planning