Rochelle-Jan Reyes

BS Physiology San Francisco State University Coordinator

Rochelle-Jan Reyes Is a CAHSI connector at San Francisco State University. They hold a Bachelors's degree In Biology (concentration In Physiology) at San Francisco State University and Is currently pursuing a Masters In Public Health (concentration In Epidemiology) at the University of California San Diego. Through her undergraduate career, Rochelle gained skills in programming and utilized them to Illuminate the work of women programmers In early Theoretical Population Biology work. After graduating, Rochelle - along with their PI and other members of their lab - co-founded the Science Coding Immersion Program (SCIP) to provide students and staff an opportunity to learn how to code and create a community during a time where everyone was faced with stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, their goal Is to provide women and BIPOC students opportunities to learn and gain confidence In programming to support their future careers and research.