Mylene Farias

Associate Professor, Texas State University

Dr. Farias is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Texas State University. Her research interests are in the area of image processing, computer vision, quality of experience, and perception. Most of her research focuses on developing objective and subjective quality models for multimedia content and integrating human perception into computer vision algorithms.  Her research has a strong multidisciplinary aspect, involving areas like psychology, neuroscience, statistics, machine learning, and engineering. It often requires creating extensive databases, performing psychophysical experiments, and using image processing and machine learning techniques. I focus on modeling, objectively and subjectively, the quality of experience of multimedia contents and integrating human perception features into image processing algorithms. Another important part of her research has been in biomedical signal processing, more specifically on the acquisition and processing of MRIs and on the design of deep learning based diagnostic systems. As a result of my research, she has published 50 scientific journal papers and 100 peer-reviewed conference papers.


  • Quality of Experience
  • Immersive media
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Bioinformatics