Lynne Grewe

Professor, Computer Science, California State University East Bay

Broadly I am interested in Human-centered Assistive computing and at CSUEB I serve as founder and director of iLab, performing research in Computer Vision, and Machine Learning focusing on assistive systems.  The goal is to improve the life of humans through the development of unique applications and intelligent algorithms that perform important visual perception tasks.   I am interested in the prevention of health issues and had mentioned in the meeting the possibility of working with others to create methodologies and supporting example technologies to create "FULL-STACK HEALTH ASSISTIVE SYSTEMS".   Such a system would involve architecting needs including Sensing, Deployment, Human-in-the-Loop Operations, AI/ML Driven Understanding/Recognition Strategies, and UX delivery mechanisms.   I could envision both architectural design guidelines as well as proof-of-concept implementation in a particular health assistive application (as mentions prevention of Senior Citizen Falling).