Lori Jacquez

Co-Coordinator, Southwest Region, Maricopa County Community Colleges - Arizona

Lori Jacquez currently serves as the Co-Coordinator at Maricopa Community Colleges-Arizona in the Southwest region of the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI).  Lori brings her experience, enthusiasm and passion to the mission of CAHSI in the advancing of Hispanics in Computing, as well as in all areas of IT, Cyber Security, and upcoming new technology.  She works closely with Leads, Co-leads, Coordinators, and Connectors across the CAHSI Alliance to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to advance. She has 5+ years working at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in the Communication, Business and Computing and currently serves as the Workforce Coordinator for the East Valley College Partnership (EVCP) under Dean Rosu.  Lori's years supporting Communication and Technology allows her to connect and collaborate with faculty and students in computing, to promote CAHSI to its fullest potential.

She is excited to be part of such an amazing team and is completely dedicated to the mission.


  • K-12 Outreach
  • Community College - Higher Education
  • Stem/Computing Education
  • Student Advocacy