Gita Sukthankar

Professor, University of Central Florida

Dr. Gita Sukthankar received her Ph.D. from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon and an A.B. in psychology from Princeton University. She is a recipient of AFOSR Young Investigator, DARPA CSSG, and NSF CAREER awards, as well as numerous UCF awards for research excellence.  Her current research centers on multi-agent systems, human-robot interaction, computational social science and machine learning.  Dr. Sukthankar has served on the board of the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (IFAAMAS).  

She directs the Intelligent Agents Lab, which is dedicated to investigating social models within RAP systems (Robots, Agents, and People), with a particular emphasis on studying the behavior of people within games and simulation environments where people and agents can interact on an "equal footing". In these social-computational systems where autonomous agents must interact with larger groups of people, it is insufficient to model and infer the activity of one person; we must be able to understand larger social structures such as teams, groups, and crowds. 

Currently Dr. Sukthankar’s research focuses on the problem of effective collaboration both for human-machine teams and human-only teaming.   Her lab has developed natural language models for analyzing, monitoring, and predicting collaboration success from multi-party dialogues.


  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Human-Machine Teams
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction