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Andujar, Marvin

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida

Chen, Yutian

Professor, Department of Economics

Grewe, Lynne

Professor, Computer Science, California State University East Bay

Hughes, Charlie

Professor, University of Central Florida

Krum, David

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, California State University, Los Angeles

Morreale, Patricia

CAHSI North Region Lead, Kean University

Nunez, Ann-Marie

Professor of Educational Studies, The Ohio State University

Ortega, Francisco

Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Rivas, Pablo

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Baylor University

Shastri, Dvijesh

Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering Technology, University of Houston - Downtown

Sparks, Johnelle

Professor, Department of Demography

Yoon, Ilmi

Professor, Computer Science, San Francisco State University