Career Readiness

CAHSI is committed to help you develop the skills to grow and succeed as a professional. Discover career readiness articles, information, and resources that will help guide you down the right path.

ResourcesGraduate school offers an opportunity for students to continue their academic pursuits past the undergraduate level. Numerous CAHSI institutions offer Masters and PhD programs and we also have a graduate network to support graduate students in their academic and professional journey.Consider & Flourish in
Graduate School
ResourcesEngineering ethics sets the moral principles and obligations for engineers to engage with society, their clients, and their profession.Practice Professionalism and
Good Work Ethics
ResourcesThere are a multitude of opportunities that afford students the opportunity to explore intellectual pursuits and grow professionally.Participate in Research, Professional, and Co-Curricular ExperiencesResourcesThere are many ways to prepare for an interview. Here are some pre-interview resources to help you demonstrate your knowledge and experiencesPrepare for an InterviewA professional online presence can help you build your personal brand to attract employers and help showcase your skills.ResourcesBuild a Professional Online PresenceResourcesA resume is a brief reflection of your professional experiences, skills, awards, and other accomplishments. Creating and maintaining an updated resume is essential to applying for various opportunities.Create a ResumeResourcesThe ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences
is essential. Strengthen your communication skills with these
resources and tools.
Hone your Communication Skills