CAHSI Latinas+

Through structured programming and targeted initiatives, CAHSI works to increase diversity in computing, particularly among Latinas and marginalized genders – the Latina+ community.  In CAHSI’s early years, the FemProf pilot involved Latinas in undergraduate research projects with mentors. The focus centered on increasing the number of women who aspire to pursue doctoral training in computing and enter the professoriate. 

For the past several years, CAHSI faculty and staff have organized sessions targeting students who identify as Latina+ at the annual Great Minds in STEM conference and will continue to do so.  Such topics covered include building community on campus, the value of networking, and experiences of underrepresented women working in tech.  Many of these sessions have featured current CAHSI Latina+ leaders as well as graduates of CAHSI institutions.    

For current CAHSI students, there are opportunities to develop their interests and talents in dedicated roles that are responsive to the broader alliance and/or their local institution.  The CAHSI Students Scholars Leadership Program elevates outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in and outside the classroom and who are passionate about impacting a broader community of stakeholders in tech.  These students receive a financial award and develop a work plan to increase student success.  Many of our scholars identify as Latina and continue to make positive change in the community after their dedicated year of service.  

CAHSI’s pilot Allyship Program offers opportunities for undergraduate students to connect with each other through a Protégé/Ally pairing and with the program leadership team composed of CAHSI faculty and staff.  Student participants learn about resources, grow from shared experiences, connect with peers, learn from professionals, and receive a small stipend.  While the primary focus of the program is for students who identify as women of color, students who strive for excellence in inclusion and who are enrolled in computing-related majors are encouraged to apply. 

Students throughout the alliance who identify as Latina+ are invited to join CAHSI’s Discord server and connect with their peers.  This is an opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to contribute to a supportive community that extends from the U.S to Puerto Rico. 

The CAHSI Latina+ online community encourages students to share resources, ask questions, and support each other in their aspirations to complete their major, work in the tech field, and/or enter the professoriate.  Join us today!