CAHSI’s Response to COVID-19

The Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) was founded more than a decade ago to advance students pursuing degrees in computing.  In these unprecedented times, we recognize now more than ever that by working together to share resources and innovations, we thrive.  With that in mind, we have consolidated information and resources to share with you.  CAHSI hopes to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your academic success and program completion.  Voicing your needs helps CAHSI determine how to better serve our community.

These resources aim to:

  1. Inform you of support within your CAHSI institution in areas such as technology assistance, food assistance, emergency financial aid, and/or mental health counseling. Click on your region’s icon below to find your institution’s CAHSI COVID-19 document.
  2. Link you to your institution’s CAHSI contacts should you have specific questions or concerns. Please refer to the contacts listed in the document, or send a message to
  3. Inform you of opportunities and events to continue your professional development. Visit CAHSI’s Opportunities and Events
  4. Provide ways to stay connected with the CAHSI community to learn about and share resources. Visit CAHSI Facebook Page and CAHSI’s Facebook Support Group.

Institutional Resources

Click on the box below that represents the region where your CAHSI university/college is located.  You can then select your CAHSI institution to find local resources.



Lead: Mohsen Beheshti, CSU-DH
Co-Lead: Ilmi Yoon, CSU-SF
Co-Lead: Chris Kello, UC-Merced



Lead: Enrico Pontelli, NMSU
Co-Lead: Shastri Dvejesh, UH-D
Co-Lead: Scott King, TAMU-CC
Co-Lead: Daniel Barajas, MCCCD



Lead: Patricia Morreale, KEAN
Co-Lead: Graciela Perera, NEIU



Lead: Nayda Santiago, UPR-M
Co-Lead: Malek Adjouadi, FIU

National Resources

On this page you will find resources published by nonprofits who operate at the national level.  You can funnel down to the CAHSI regional pages and look up the particular resources that have been announced by your academic institution and/or academic department.