Villa, E. Q., Rios, L. D., Stafford, S., & Gandara, G. (2001, October). K-16 partnerships: casting a broad net for filling the critical gaps in engineering. In 31st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Impact on Engineering and Science Education. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No. 01CH37193) (Vol. 2, pp. T4E-10). IEEE.

The University of Texas at El Paso (USA) has a long standing commitment to pre-college outreach and recruitment in engineering and science. An array of programs provides rich venues for attracting young people into engineering-, technology- and science-related careers. These account for contact with over 8,000 young people every year- each with opportunities to explore a number of career-related options and to interact with professional engineers, scientists, undergraduate/graduate science and engineering students and university faculty. Moreover, the College aggressively supports K-12 mathematics and science education reform in area schools-advocating and facilitating the implementation of hands-on standards-based curriculum in subject/content areas most critical in preparing young people for pursuing a more rigorous course of study at the university.

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