Villa, E. Q. (2018). ACM RETENTION COMMITTEE Minority voices: interrupting the social environment to retain undergraduates in computing. ACM Inroads, 9(3), 31-33.

The low enrollment and graduation rates of underrepresented students in computer science, particularly those students who are women and Latinx1, is well documented and of deep concern to computer science educators, industry, and other stakeholders. This concern was the motivation for the ACM Education Board to establish the ACM Retention Committee, with co-chairs Ali-son Derbenwick Miller (Oracle) and Chris Stephenson (Google). The main charge of the committee was to collect and analyze data to gain deeper insights into programmatic issues of recruitment and retention of underrepresented students to broaden participation in computing. As a companion piece to this charge, the committee is publishing a series of opin-ion pieces [9,11,19]. This article is the last in the series and presents a perspective from a minority voice in examining the challenges and opportunities for Latinx undergraduate students.

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