Kim, S., Beverly, S. P., & Ro, H. K. (2020). How Many Latinas in STEM Benefit from High-Impact Practices? Examining Participation by Social Class and Immigrant Status. In E. M. Gonzalez, F. Fernendez, & M. S. Wilson (Eds.), An Asset-Based Approach to Advancing Latina Students in STEM: Increasing Resilience, Participation, and Success (pp.75- 93). Routledge.

In this chapter, we seek to identify ways to support STEM Latina students with different backgrounds through High-Impact Practice (HIP) participation. Existing research indicates that HIP participation is positively related to student learning outcomes, which appear to be particularly beneficial for racially minoritized students. While HIP participation can have positive effects on racially minoritized students in STEM disciplines, most research does not focus on Latinas or within group differences among Latinas. We analyzed a multi-institutional data set, the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey, and found that participation in HIPs by Latina STEM students varies by social class and immigrant status. We offer implications to both practitioners and faculty to engage Latina STEM students in HIPs, which may support their trajectory toward completing a STEM degree.

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