D. Kwak, P. Morreale, S. Hug, Y. Kumar, J. Chu, C. Huang, J. Li and P. Wang, “Evaluation of the Use of Growth Mindset in the Computer Science Classroom”, Proceedings of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE ’22), New Providence, RI, ACM, 2022, accepted. https://doi.org/10.1145/3478431.3499365

Within computer science education, a growth mindset is encouraged. However, faculty development on the use of growth mindset in the classroom is rare and resources to support the use of a growth mindset are limited. A framework for a computer science growth mindset classroom, which includes faculty development, lesson plans, and vocabulary for use with students, has been developed. The objective is to determine if faculty development in growth mindset and active use of the growth mindset cues in the CS0 and CS1 classroom result in superior academic outcomes. Comparative study results are presented for two semesters of virtual classroom environments: one semester without Growth Mindset, and one semester with Growth Mindset. Female students demonstrated the most growth, as measured by academic grades, in CS0, and maintained that growth in CS1. Males demonstrated growth as well, with both males and females converging at the same high point of accomplishment at the end of CS1. Race and ethnicity gaps between students were reduced, improving academic equity.

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