Ornelas, A., & Solorzano, D. G. (2004). Transfer conditions of Latina/o community college students: A single institution case study. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 28(3), 233-248.

This study reported in this article examined the transfer process for Latina/o students at Esperanza Community College. Esperanza is one of the 108 community colleges in California with one of the largest concentrations of Latina/o students. In California, 42 out of every 100 Latina/o public high school graduates pursue some form of higher education. For most, the community college is the entry point, Of these, 32 out of every 100 students begin their pursuit of higher education at a California community college. An average of three Latina/o students transfers to a university. Recommendations considered essential to create a prevailing community college transfer culture are offered.

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