Cejda, B. D., & Rhodes, J. H. (2004). Through the pipeline: The role of faculty in promoting associate degree completion among Hispanic students. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 28(3), 249-262.

The community college has been identified as the primary educational pipeline for Hispanic students’ entry into higher education. The vast majority of research has focused on this pipeline in terms of transfer to baccalaureate institutions. Yet, the educational goal for many students is a sub-baccalaureate credential or the associate’s degree. The study reported in this article provides a preliminary investigation on the pipeline leading to a certificate or associate of applied science degree. Faculty interaction was identified as one of the key factors in moving Hispanic students through the pipeline. Interviews with faculty identified as exemplars in facilitating Hispanic student success in technical and occupational programs at an HSI community college are incorporated with the existing literature and student interviews to identify areas for future study.

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