Arbona, C., & Nora, A. (2007). The influence of academic and environmental factors on Hispanic college degree attainment. The Review of Higher Education, 30(3), 247-269.

This study used the NELS 88‑2000 data base to examine among Hispanic students precollege, college, and environmental predictors of (a) college first enrolled in (two‑year versus four‑year) and (b) undergraduate degree attainment for students who first enrolled in a two‑year or four‑year college. Hispanic students who attended a four-year college right after high school were much more likely to obtain a bachelor’s degree than their peers who first attended a community college. Furthermore, precollege variables were more salient in predicting bachelor degree attainment for students who started in two‑year colleges, while college-related variables were more salient for students who started in four‑year colleges.

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