Delgado-Guerrero, M., & Gloria, A. M. (2013). La importancia de la hermandad Latina: Examining the psychosociocultural influences of Latina-based sororities on academic persistence decisions. Journal of College Student Development, 54(4), 361-378.

Using a psychosociocultural (PSC) approach, we examined how self-beliefs, social support, and cultural fit influenced the academic persistence decisions of 115 Latina sorority members. Upper-division Latinas reported higher self-efficacy than lower-division Latinas; however, lower-division students reported higher college stress and more perceived social support from their sorority sisters than their upper-division counterparts. Yet the relationship of perceived social support from sorority sisters and academic persistence decisions was stronger for the upper-division Latinas than the lower-division. Finally, the PSC dimensions collectively accounted for 43% of the variance of academic persistence decisions, with the self-beliefs dimension individually accounting for the most variance; perception of the university environment, however, emerged as the single strongest predictor. Implications for student affairs professionals and Latina sorority members and nonmembers are discussed.

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