Ek, L. D., Cerecer, P. D. Q., Alanís, I., & Rodríguez, M. A. (2010). “I don’t belong here”: Chicanas/Latinas at a Hispanic serving institution creating community through muxerista mentoring. Equity & Excellence in Education, 43(4), 539-553.

In order to create more diverse communities and greater social justice in academia, a group of Chicana/Latina junior faculty at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) established a research collaborative, Research for the Educational Advancement of Latin@s (REAL). Using a co-operative inquiry and dialogical epistemology, we document how REAL is an agency of transformative resistance to combat racism and sexism within academia. Also we reveal the importance of peer “muxerista mentoring” as an ideology and practice in building a supportive community in the bid for tenure. We provide implications and recommendations for the retention, tenure, and promotion of Chicana/Latina faculty.

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