Gándara, P. (2002). A study of high school puente: What we have learned about preparing latino youth for postsecondary education. Educational Policy, 16(4), 474-495.

This article reports on a 4-year study of High School Puente’s impact on program participants. Data include approximately 1,000 Puente students and 1,000 non-Puente students from18 high schools to test the impact of the programon aspirations, attitudes toward school, and preparation for college. Data were also collected on 75 matched pairs of Puente and non-Puente students to test the impact of the Puente program on GPA, preparation for college, attitudes and aspirations, and college going. The study found significant differences between Puente and non-Puente students on attitudes toward school, preparation for college, aspirations to attend college, and percentage of students going on to 4-year colleges. Puente students reported going on to 4-year colleges at nearly double the rate of non-Puente students with the same grades and test scores. The article discusses aspects of the programthat probably helped to account for these outcomes.

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