America’s Competitiveness: Hispanic Participation in Technology Careers Summit Report – IBM, ExxonMobil, Lockheed Martin and Univision 2008

The summit “America’s Competitiveness: Hispanic Participation in Technology Careers” brought together leaders from business, education, government, and community organizations to develop an action plan to increase the number of Hispanic students pursuing and entering careers in STEM fields in the United States. This report presents the strategic plans that emerged. Recommendations and action plans were defined in the four main sectors spotlighted at the summit: education, students and families, non-profits/non-governmental organizations, and corporations. Media emerged as an important area of focus during the conference.

  • Maria Teresa V. Taningco, Ph.D., David Estrada, MPP Candidate, IBM. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Directory of Schools, Programs, and Scholarships, Prepared by The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute for IBM. (Claremont, CA February 2002).
  • Available here.