Cuellar, M. G. (2019). Creating Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) and emerging HSIs: Latina/o college choice at 4-year institutions. American Journal of Education, 125(2), 231-258.

A substantial proportion of Latina/o college students enroll at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and emerging HSIs. Utilizing data from the University of California, Los Angeles Cooperative Institutional Research Program, this study quantitatively examines the choice process of Latina/os enrolled at 4-year HSIs, emerging HSIs, and non-HSIs. Guided by traditional theories of college choice and community cultural wealth, this study examines how demographic characteristics and various forms of capital influence Latina/os’ college choices. Different factors are associated with enrollment at HSIs and emerging HSIs compared with non-HSIs and can inform how institutions can transform practices and environments to serve the needs of their Latina/o students.

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